Join for a dynamic discussion about creativity, entrepreneurism, and growth in the food world.

James Beard Award-nominated writer Julia Bainbridge will moderate the panel of three other Julias, which will delve into business development, the creative process, how to begin, and what comes next.



JULIA BAINBRIDGE: A James Beard Award-nominated writer, this Julia will moderate the panel. 

JULIA JAKSIC: This Julia is the executive chef at Employees Only in Singapore and somehow she also spends a lot of time in Nashville, where she runs Cafe Roze, which she opened last year. 

JULIA SHERMAN: This Julia runs Salad for President, which stated as a blog and continues to evolve, always drawing a meaningful connection between food (mainly salad) and art. 

JULIA SULLIVAN: A Nashville native who cooked at New York's Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Per Se before moving back to town in 2013, this Julia is the chef and owner of Henrietta Red.


Event Benefits Mesa KomaL

The food industry is known to have a high cost of entry. Mesa Komal seeks to lower those barriers by providing a safe, affordable, licensed shared commercial kitchen to mainly low-income and immigrant culinary entrepreneurs.

The nonprofit is a part of Conexión Americas, which was founded in 2002 to help the increasing number of Latino families moving to Middle Tennessee navigate their new communities. Whether it's buying a home, improving their conversational English, or learning their rights and responsibilities, the Nashville-based organization is committed to empowering Latinos.